What matters to us the most

F&G Value

Where does the name “Fox & Geranium” come from?

It’s from a famous French book called “Le Petit Prince”, where a fox teaches the main character that what is important is not visible to the eyes, and that you have to see it with your heart.

There’s a sentence in the book that goes: “I saw a beautiful house made of rosy brick, with geraniums in the windows, and doves on the roof.” Then it continues on about how grownups don’t get how nice the house is, and they would have to say to them: “I saw a house that cost a million dollars” and only then they would exclaim: “Oh, What a pretty house that is!”

In other words, we don’t believe that vast quantities of possessions change the quality of your life – It’s the small number of things that are important to you. And by organizing your belongings intentionally, and by picking up home decor that sparkle your heart, that’s what changes your life quality.

So we don’t just focus on putting the clutter away, or incorporating trendy decor. We put thought into how you’d like to enjoy your daily life, and what sort of decor makes you happy.

We imagine our clients cooking exotic food with beautifully displayed spices and herbs in their kitchen, which they then can enjoy sharing with their family on clutter-less dining room table with a flower bouquet in the middle.

Or we imagine a future story from our client about how they were inspired to finally fix their grandchildren’s toy with their now easily accessible tools hanging on a peg board in the garage.

You don’t need to have countless numbers of bedrooms to feel rich, and you don’t need escape to a fancy five star resort to feel relaxed. What you need is a little bit of focus and some creative ideas. Let us help you make your home feel more like home. And your home can be priceless.