Follow-up Packages

Organizing Follow-up

After The Major Organization

Once you get your space organized, you’ll immediately realize how much nicer your home life could be. But you might start worrying about it eventually getting messy again. Do you have to start the process all over?

Reverse from Organized to Clutter

There is no need to worry about that with us. While we organize, we try to minimize the risk of creating clutter in the future by establishing an organizational system and suggested rules which work for you. But if you are still concerned, we also offer our monthly follow-up packages.

What is the follow-up for?

The goal is for you to feel totally feel comfortable at keeping your space organized on your own.

Or, if your life focus is somewhere else right now, we can simply visit you regularly to put a few things back in place, and make sure the system we discussed is working. It’s just like having a cleaning service come in every week, except we don’t just help get rid of dust – we help keep you sane! Plus, how great would it be to say you have your own Personal Organizer!

Our follow-up packages, purchased in advance

Every 2 week

Every 2 week, 3 hour visit for 3 month.

Economical plan

$550/18hrs(+ HST)

Monthly #1

Monthly 3 hour visit for 3 month.

Perfect for a trial

$300/9hrs(+ HST)

Monthly #2

Monthly 3 hour visit for 6 month.

Long term service

$600/18hrs(+ HST)

The benefits of regular organizing

Balance for Home
  • We all get new items in our home on a daily basis in our modern life. Either by purchasing products or receiving gifts, things pile up so easily if you don’t watch out. So it’s important to continue discarding to keep the balance right. It’s just like when you eat, you go to bathroom everyday.
  • If you are regularly aware of being organized, you will start to pay more attention to what you have in your life, not to what you don’t have. You can stay focused on what is important for you.
  • You and your family members grow everyday. As you change, what you need changes as well. Let’s get rid of outgrown belongings and look forward to a bright future.
  • Emerging yourself in a organized and beautiful environment will help you feel much better and happier everyday.

Please let us know if you are interested!