Frequently Asked Questinos

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I hope these give you a better idea of our services.

Q. How many hours will it take to complete my project?

A. Each project is different of course, but I can tell you which factors contribute the most :

  • Current condition :
    • How many items are there that are disorganized?
    • How much storage room is available and/or used?
    • How disorganized is the space?
    • How difficult is it to move things around (Are there any heavy items? Are any items hard to reach?)
  • Your expectations :
    • How open are you to discarding items?
    • Are you interested in a detailed organization, or a generic sorting?
  • Your time :
    • How much time can you commit to go through items and decide what to keep?
    • How quickly can you get homework done if any?

Q. Do I have to be around all the time while you organize?

A. No, you don’t have to. Though it’s very important that we work together on deciding what to keep and what to discard. If you cannot be around for that part of the process, we can put items to be sorted later in a pile, categorize them, and leave it for you to go through at a later time as homework. I can also eliminate obvious garbage items (such as used tissue papers, scrap paper, dried out pens, etc.), but going through any items to discard will ultimately be up to you to go thorough.

Q. How do the discounted packages work?

A. In order to receive the benefit of a packaged deal, those hours must be prepaid. After prepaid hours are used, we charge the regular hourly rate on additional hours. Take the full advantage of the discounted deals!