Friendly Pricing

Organizing Service Pricing Our pricing is very reasonable compared to the standard prices on the market which can be $50 /hr and up! This is because we love what we do – it’s not just about the money! If you commit on a package deal, you even save more money!


Initial Assessment

Professional organizer will visit your place and assess your situation. No cost and no commitment required.


Hourly Rate

Hands on work time with one professional organizer. Estimated total time agreed upon before the project starts.

$35/hr*(+ HST)

1-Day Package

5% savings!

$199**/6hrs(+ HST)

4-Day Package

15% savings!

$699**/24hrs(+ HST)

  • * Please be aware that price may subject to change any time.
  • * The rate will be applied for time spent on-site, personal shopping if necessary, research, planning and preparation work.
  • ** The discount deals may apply for a prepaid transaction only. The extra hours after the prepaid package will be charged at the regular price of $35/hr.
  • Travel rates: Travel time greater than 30 minutes in either direction will be billed at 50% of the hourly rate.
  • Cancellation policy:
    • If cancellations are received prior to 48 hours before the agreed appointment time, there will be no charge for the change.
    • Any cancellation made within 48 hours before the agreed appointment time will be charged 50% of the total estimated amount.
  • Payment method: E-Transfer, Credit Cards(Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB or Discover) and Cash are accepted. Sorry, no personal cheques.
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  • Usually, It’s very difficult to dedicate time and energy to organizing. Especially when things have gotten out of hand!
  • Even you are ready to declutter, knowing where to start can be very intimidating, and easy to procrastinate on (especially if you always seem to up reading old journals and albums!)
  • People often pay for expensive pieces of furniture, but in cluttered rooms they don’t look nearly as good as they did in the store.
  • By having professional tips to build an efficient organizational system, you should be able to easily maintain it for a long time period.
  • By being able to see everything you have, you are more likely to be inspired to use those items and complete other projects you may have around the house.
  • You become less stressed by not thinking about the massive project you have lingering, and can use your mind to focus on things that are more important to you. An organized house helps organize your mind!
  • You save money by not buying duplicate items of things that you already have. You will be able to evaluate and purchase only what is important for you.
  • You save energy by not having to dig deep in to your shed to reach at a certain item, and also you can avoid potential risk of getting injured by constanly moving things around in a cluttered space.
  • You save time by not looking for your keys or phone everywhere in your house. You may also stop forgetting things when you leave your home.